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Causa Maior - Presentation


The “CAUSA MAIOR - Association” is an NGDO, a Non-Governmental Development Organisation, a nonprofit corporation which formalised its statutes on the 11 october 2013.


It aims to intervene in the areas of Education, Training, Research and Technology. Its objectives are mainly of a social nature thus seeking colaboration with the local authorities responisible for each area where found more useful.


Mainly made up of teachers and researches, it takes part in conceptualizing and realising its initiatives that will allow to enhance the quality of life both in a economical and cultural perspective of social groups in distinct domains, which will always be analised, studied and accompanied by the interested parties.


The “CAUSA MAIOR - Association” is promptly ready to intervene in any country, foreseeing that at an early stage it will acquire experience without ignoring its assertiveness, it will take part in activities carried out by more experienced institutions, without harming the development of their very own project which they consider being within their reach.


Anyone can be associated to the “CAUSA MAIOR” as long as they fit the profile upon which the association was set up.

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